Keda Miller


A little bit about me: 
I ama native Michigander. I was born and raised in Houghton Lake, MI. 

I attended Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa, where I earned two bachelor degrees- one in Elementary Education and the other in Psychology. 

This is my 15th year teaching (plus 2 years of experience as a substitute teacher). I have taught in three different states- Texas, New Mexico, and Montana. My experience includes 1 year as an outdoor educator, 8 years teaching first grade, and this makes my 6th year teaching kindergarten. 

I chose to become a stay-at-home-mom once my daughter, Lexi, was born. We completed our family with the addition of our son, Cade, two years later. I continued to be an at-home-mom until my kids entered school full-time. Thus, I took a 7 year hiatus from professional teaching.

I was hired at Amsterdam School in the fall of 2013. This is my sixth year teaching kindergarten and I love it! 

Outside of school, I enjoy spending as much time with family as possible. This usually involves camping, hiking, fishing, baseball, getting skunked at HORSE or Around-the-World by my kids and husband, and playing various card games and board games. Other hobbies include reading, gardening, walking/running, and baking. Lately, however, I have become almost full-time chauffeur. 

A little bit about my family:
My husband's name is David Miller. He is an associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at MSU. He grew up south of Houston, Texas, and is proud to call himself a Texas Aggie. (A&M)

I have two children, Lexi and Cade. My son is now a 7th grader and my daughter is in 9th grade this year. Yikes! They grow up so fast! Growing up surrounded by mountains, they have far surpassed my elementary skills on the ski slopes. (Okay, I'll admit it... I'm a chicken on big hills! I prefer x-country skiing!) They love sleeping in, biking, basketball/volleyball, reading, camping, U-Swirl, and all things chocolate.

We are a baseball family! David and I grew up playing ball and even played well into adulthood. It seems we've passed the love of the game on to our kids. :O) They play every spring, rain or shine... or snow. We are die-hard Astros fans. 

We now have 3 pets: a 15-year-old border collie named Astro (of course), a cat named Louie that Lexi adopted from the animal shelter, and a 1-1/2 year-old puppy named Orbit (like the Houston Astro's mascot). He is also a border collie and oh so cute! Louie is fat and fluffy and he thinks he must be in your lap receiving all your attention at all times.

Well, that's us in a nutshell.