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  Parents of Amsterdam Children  



PAC, which stands for Parents of Amsterdam Children, was formed in 1996 for the purpose of raising funds to enhance the education and childhood experience for our children.  PAC pursues this objective by cultivating a positive learning environment, supporting the teachers and administrators, encouraging active parental participation in school life, and taking part in improving the facility.

PAC welcomes all parents and staff to meetings to discuss and plan events for the school year.  Without parental input and help these events/activities cannot happen.


Funds are directly used to pay for:                

  • Skiing/Spire/Motion Athletics                

  • M.O.S.S.                    

  • Art                  

  • Bussing                                 

  • Missoula Children's Theater

  • Large scale projects to benefit students 

        directly i.e. the  playground equipment/

        Chrome Books/Tablets    

Some fundraisers that  we do:                   

  • Climb-a-thon                                    

  • Whooo's Reading                   

  • Halloween Carnival                   

  • Family Movie Night

  • Box Tops/Amazon Smile


 2022-2023 Officers 

President - Nadine Zikmund

Vice President -Alana Edwards

Treasurer - Cassie Owens

Secretary - Lori Jo Berg

Contact us at:

Missoula Children's Theater



Parent/Teacher Conferences

Box Tops

Thanksgiving Dinner

Santa Store

Whoo's Reading

Field Day Lunch

Spirit Wear

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